Ford Fusion Named Green Car of the Year

In what was a break from recent winners who won purely for their fuel economy, Green Car Journal awarded it's "2012 Green Car of the Year" award to Ford Motor Co's Ford Fusion. The Fusion, which went on sale in October and is available at Harris Ford in Lynnwood, won because of its diverse set of powertrain options in addition to fuel economy. The Fusion includes a hybrid option that is rated at an estimated 47mpg as well as a future plugin-hybrid that could attain the equivalent of 100mpg or more.

Harris Ford is proud to be in the Ford Motor Co. family and to sell a car that is truly taking a step forward in the battle for green superiority among auto dealers. Considering the Fusion is also offered with a 1.6-liter, turbocharged four-cylinder engine that gets an estimated 37mpg along with a total of five different powertrain options and a low, entry-level price, it's no wonder it's this year's "Green Car of the Year." For more information on a new Ford Fusion and other Ford models, visit Harris Ford in Lynnwood.