Ford Has Best 3rd Quarter Ever

The fiscal third quarter is made up of the months between July and September. The third quarter for the Ford Motor Co. was the most profitable one they have ever reported. When you consider that the entire U.S. auto industry was in jeopardy of going under just a little over 3 years ago, it seems even more wondrous. North America is a large part of their overall income; for the third quarter, North America brought in $2.3 billion, almost $1 billion more than the same time last year. This brings Ford U.S.' pre-tax revenue to almost $6.5 billion for the year. Sales are up in all regions accept for most places in Europe where the economy is have a very difficult time.

Ford's excellent product lineup has been given credit for their rise in sales, but another factor is the way the company protected itself from going under instead of taking millions from the government. People respect Ford products which feature the highest amount of technology from any U.S. automaker. For more information about Ford Motor, or to take a look at any Ford vehicle, contact Harris Ford.