Ford Motor Pledges One Million to Help Veterans and Military Families

Recently, the Ford Motor Co. announced a pledge of $1 million towards the American Red Cross’ efforts. This specific donation will help military members, veterans and their families, as well as help with some of the continued disaster relief for those affected by Hurricane Sandy. The American Red Cross has a Disaster Responder program which is utilizes in instances such these.

Ford is making large gains in its support of the American Red Cross. The automaker will also be offering 200 additional Blue Oval Scholarships for Nurse Assistant training in different areas of the U.S.

“Recent government data show unemployment among post-9/11 veterans is at 9.7%,” Jim Vella, president of the Ford Motor Company Fund and Community Services, told media. “This expansion of our Red Cross partnership provides deserving veterans and their family members the chance to build new careers in the nursing field, which is a win-win-win for them, the Red Cross and our communities.”

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