Fords New 3-Cylinder Engine With 47 MPG

The small car craze continues throughout the U.S., making it possible for automakers like Ford to dedicate funds and resources to develop more efficient engines. The Ford Motor Co. was the first to prefect the production model three-cylinder engine, an engine that is just as powerful as the older V6 engines, but with nearly 50 MPG capabilities. There is a fairly new U.S. mandate that states all auto manufacturers producing vehicles in the U.S. must have a fleet average of 34.1 MPG by 2016. This is an attempt to not only help preserve resources, but to help protect our environment, which in turn, helps us to protect our pocketbooks as the price of gas raises.

This new highly fuel-efficient engine will be present in the new Ford Fiesta, with the 2013 version getting nearly 40 MPG. Fairly soon, all small and mid-sized Ford cars may run on three-cylinder engines with the performance of a six-cylinder engine. For more information about the Fiesta, or to take a look at any Ford vehicle, contact Harris Ford, proudly serving the Seattle area.