Ford Opens New Design Center For Lincoln Brand

On October 18th, Ford Motor celebrating the opening of a design studio for their auto brand Lincoln. The Lincoln Design Center is located in Dearborn, Michigan and is currently the brand's only design center. It is to see the design genius of around 150 designers, crafters and engineers. "We have spent considerable time to develop strong integrated design, engineering and product programs into a common Product Development vision for Lincoln," Raj Nair, group vice president of Global Product Development, told media during the opening. "Lincoln's advantage is we can build on the company's tremendous global product development resources and ensure we continually innovate to develop the best technology and apply it to support the unique Lincoln difference."

The goal of the design center is to do as the name denotes, it is only to work on the designing aspect of the vehicle. Ford plans to release 4 new Lincoln models by the year 2015 that will help reinvent the brand. For more information about Ford, or to take a look at any Ford or Lincoln vehicle, contact Harris Ford.