Ford Releases Refreshed Fiesta Hatchback Info

Ford is making a huge push to increase their presence in other countries around the world, which is why Europe will be seeing the refreshed Ford Fiesta Hatchback for the 2014 model year before we do. The auto manufacturer recently unveiled the 2014 Fiesta to European markets, giving the U.S. an idea of what to expect when the hatchback is released some point next year. Though there are bound to be some differences to cater to the different markets, the overall look will remain the same.

As far as cosmetics go, the most noticeable exterior change of the refreshed Fiesta hatchback is the front end, which has been updated with the new front fascia that most newer Ford sedans will soon have. This new look has a thinner headlamp area with LED running lights, lower and sportier intakes, a different shape to the grille and a more pronounced hood shape. All of these aspects combined give this small car the look of an aggressive and high-performance vehicle. For more information about the refreshed Fiesta or to take a look at any Ford vehicle, contact Harris Ford.