The 2014 Ford Focus

Ford has the distinction of having the second and third highest rated small car in a segment that has over 40 cars competing for sales. Both Ford vehicles have the better price tag of the top three, and the 2014 Ford Focus has the most space and versatility. The 2014 Ford Focus is near the top of the segment for fuel efficiency, cargo space, quality of materials, design and overall value. The EcoBoost fuel economy package boosts the Focus fuel ratings to 40 MPG capabilities, while still maintaining the right amount of performance and versatility.

The Ford Focus was revamped last year and given choice upgrades for the new model year. There are different models to choose from, including the Ford Focus ST, which will give drivers a performance boost. There are several option packages and trim levels which allow buyers to customize their Focus to create something unique to their needs. For more information about the Focus or to take a look at any Ford vehicle, contact Harris Ford, proudly serving the Lynnwood area.